28 Day de-clutter Challenge

This is an easy challenge about clearing out and moving things on into the recycling loop.

So this not just for your house, office, garage or but is for any space you you have stuff in it is for anything you look at and go – I must do something about that but I don’t want to throw it away to landfill.

So here is how it works, for everyday of February you have two choices of how you de-clutter

  1. Re-home, repurpose, regift, recycle a number of items that correspond to the date – ie Feb 4, re-home 4 items.  
  2. Clear through and sort out a number of things that correspond to the date – ie Feb 5, sort through 5 kitchen drawers.

Tick off your achievement on the check sheet and take a photo of your de-clutter items and upload them to our Facebook page.